Pool Chemicals, and chemicals, and chemicals…..

With so many options of pool sanitizing systems out there promising they will keep your pool crystal clear all summer long, which one is best?  At National Discount Pool Supplies we try to give you, our customer, only the best of the best in pool chemicals.  Lets go through the pros and cons of a few of the top chemical brands.

Chlorine Sanitizing Systems- Chlorine has been the #1 seller in pool sanitizing systems since, well, pools were around.  Chlorine is the oldest and most basic sanitizing method you will find.  Yes, chlorine does keep bacteria out of your pool, and get rid of everything you don’t want to see, feel, or swim in, but what is Chlorine not doing? You’d be surprised.  Chlorine chemicals are wonderful at killing bacteria, when its not90 degrees and no one is swimming in the pool.  Chlorine burns up very quickly with heat and use of the pool.  This is why you need to have chlorine in a tablet floater, in a chlorinator, or adding it by hand (chlorine granules) to your pool water. This is okay when you are consistently checking to make sure you have tablets in that floater, or adding it to the pool on the one hundred degree summer day.  Chlorine does a great job at sanitizing your pool! Just make sure you are checking your chlorine on a regular basis!

Baquacilaaahhh Baquacil. The savior to pool owners who do not like using Chlorine in their pool.  Baquacil has been around for many many years and has proven to work just as well as Chlorine, if not better. Baquacil Sanitizer is made from polyhexamethylene biguanide (we like to call it at Biguanide or PHMB, its much easier ).  This chemical does wonders at killing bacteria in your water while staying extremely stable in high temperatures.  Baquacil is also very easy on your pool equipment, especially your liner.  Pool liners are always in contact with your pool water, and where Chlorine can wear on this liner, Baquacil does not affect it.  Baquacil also will not: bleach your swim suits, fade your swim suits, irritate your skin & eyes, or turn your blonde hair green!  Baquacil is the best solution on the market for those of you that are looking for a change.  Its extremely easy to switch from another chemical to Baquacil.  If you use chlorine, simply add chlorine neutralizer.  You can find this on our website: http://www.nationaldiscountpoolsupplies.com

There are other chemical systems we carry: Frog and Pristine Blue.  These are also two other great alternative chemical pool sanitizing systems.  The FROG uses Silver & Copper minerals to cling onto bacteria and kill it quickly while using a very low dose of chlorine.

No matter which chemical system you choose to go with, National Discount Pool Supplies has everything you need to have a crystal clear pool all year long!

Questions? Email us at: info@nationaldiscountpoolsupplies or Give us a call at: 1-866-736-0732


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