Finding a replacement cartridge filter for your pool and/or spa

The most frustrating thing for spa owners and pool cartridge filter owners is trying to find a replacement cartridge filter.  There are hundreds of different cartridge filters made and finding the right one can sometimes be a chore.  I will post a few tips & tricks to try and make the cartridge search a little bit easier.

#1.  Try to find numbers on the cartridge

A lot of the time when searching for a filter, we can cross reference numbers that are currently on your cartridge filter.  The most common numbers out there are Unicel, Filbur (FB), and Pleatco (those always start with a P)

#2.  Measure your pool filter before you try and look for a new one

A lot of the times, we need the pool filter measurements when trying to match up the correct filter you need.   This becomes especially crucial when you cannot find any numbers on your current filter.   We look for the Diameter, Length, and size of the hole in them middle of the filter.

#3 Save the label from your replacement filter

When you receive a Pleatco replacement filter from us, there is a sticky label on the plastic wrapped around the cartridge.  The best thing you can do is peel that off, stick it to a sheet of paper, and put it with all of your pool/spa information.  This way, next time you go to order a filter, you know exactly what you need!

National discount pool supplies is currently in the process of adding & updating our pleatco replacement filter page!  If you have any questions or need help finding the correct filter for your pool or spa, please give us a call at 1-866-736-0732 or email us at

Posted by  Maggie S. @ NDPS


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