Green Pools….How to prevent & treat

Its that time of year, its hot, you’re busy, and you’d rather use the pool than clean it. This is when pool owners see algae bloom the most.  Algae can be taken care of with a few simple steps, but lets start with a few tips on how to prevent algae from growing in your pool.

Run your Filter Your pool filter is made to be run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and if you’re like us, we wish 365 days a year (but in Wisconsin, we aren’t that lucky!) Running your filter gives your pool water circulation.  High circulation gives algae less of a chance to grow.

Check your Chemicals Not adding your weekly chemicals can greatly increase your chances of getting algae.  Its July, its in the 90’s, and that sun is beating down on your pool water for most of the day. If you use chlorine, its burning up extremely fast this time of year.  Make sure you are checking your floater for tablets, and checking your chlorine level every other day.  Also, make sure your Ph, Alkalinity & Calcium are in balance.  If these are not in range, your sanitizer (mostly chlorine, Baquacil is more stable in off ranges) will burn up faster.

Use your vacuum If you have a manual or automatic vacuum, use it! There are spots in your pool that may not get circulation even if you run the pump consistently. If you do not own either one of these, we strongly suggest every pool owner to have one. Manual vacuums hook up through your skimmer and uses suction to clean the pool.  Automatic pool cleaners work through suction, pressure, or electronic and automatically clean your pool.

Check your Phosphate Level A high phosphate level is a dream come true for algae.  Phosphates allow algae to grow & prosper in a place called your pool.  By using a product like “Phosfree” You will get rid of this algae food and have a crystal clear swimming pool! Phosphates can enter your pool from the environment, certain chemicals, and from swimmers.

But I have algae, What do I do now!?!??!

Do not worry, all hope is not lost! We’ll get you back to a crystal clear pool in no time.  The ways in treating algae all depend on what chemical system you are using.  In general, the first thing you want to do is brush up the algae off your walls, floor, & step. Algae is harder to kill when its clinging onto something.  Then you double the amount of normal shock/oxidizer you put in the pool, add double the algicide or a stronger algicide, let your water filter and a few hours later add a water clarify or floculant. It may take 24-48 hours for algae to clear up.  If you have brown/yellow(mustard) Algae or Black Algae, the process may take a little longer.  You can visit our site for more information on how to treat algae.

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