Starting up your Spa for Spring

Its starting to get a little nicer outside (yes, even here in WI) and some are starting to think about what they need to do to get their spa ready for spring. 

Lets start with the water. Spa water should be drained every 3-4 months. After a few months, your water can no longer take any more chemical. Almost like if you were stirring packets of sugar into a glass of water.  After a while, the water cannot dissolve any more sugar so the sugar sits at the bottom of the glass. This can result in cloudy water and a not so pleasant smell.  A great product to use for draining is Spa Purge or Swirl Away.  These chemicals act like a drain-o for your spa, removing build up (usually calcium build up) from the plumbing in your spa.

How is your spa cover looking? Spa covers play a major part in the efficiency of your spa. (And the cost of your spa!)  Did you see any steam coming out of under the cover at all during the cold months?  It’s probably time to replace your cover. The approximate life of a spa cover is every 3-5 years. After the spa cover gets heavy, or has a “smell” it is also probably time to replace your spa cover. If your spa cover is good shape, make sure you clean the cover with specially formulated cover cleaner and add a little cover protect to lengthen the life of your cover.  NEVER use household type cleaners on your spa cover. Products like armor-all can actually dry out the cover.

Have a waterline around your spa? Most spas get some type of waterline built up where the water was before you drained.  You always want to clean out your spa before you re-fill for the spring. We have an awesome product (yes, I have used it on my spa!) called the H20 Cleaning Wand. This handy little product hooks up to your garden hose to let a little bit of water onto the sponge as you are cleaning. The H20 Cleaning wand along with some Baqua Spa Surface Cleaner (can be used on any spa) makes cleaning the shell of your spa easy! And again, the same as the spa cover, never use any household products on the surface of your spa.  They can be drying and damaging to your spa.

And last, but definately not least, your spa / hot tub filters.  Clean them? Soak Them? Spray Them? Yes! All three! Spa Filters should be soaked in a spa filter cleaner for a few hours before they are rinsed out. Try using the great easy clean to clean out the filter after it soaks.  This handy little device creates a long, flat, pressurized spray from your garden hose to get all of the build up out.  Please, never bring your spa filters to the car wash and use the pressure hose there. That much pressure breaks down the fibers in your filter, decreasing the amount of filtering in your spa. Now, after you are done cleaning your filter, you should allow the filters to dry before you put them back in your spa.  The fibers in the filter basically ‘fluff back up’ giving you a better filter in your spa. The best thing you can do is have two sets of spa filters.  Putting the ones you cleaned last time you drained your spa back in and letting the ones you just took out sit on the shelf and restore back to its original fiber shape. Spa filters should be cleaned with a filter cleaner every 3-4 months and replaced after 12 months of use. You can also spray the cartridges with Spray Filter cleaner in-between normal cleanings after heavy use of the spa.

Now that you have all of your cleaning done, (Phew!) it’s time to refill your spa. Make sure you always fill your spa from where the filters are to avoid an air-lock in the pump of your spa.

It’s finally time to relax and enjoy……

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One thought on “Starting up your Spa for Spring

  1. Ronda says:

    We keep ours open year round.. who wants to really sit in 104 degree weather when it is that hot outside.. Fall and Winter is the best time to be in a Hot tub!! BTW– we live in Missouri.. so it isn’t warm and sunny year round!!

    The cleaning and such applies year round. and we drain and clean the spa as specified. we just keep it running year round.. We have a covered deck and we “surround it with plastic” in Winter for a wind block.. That really helps!
    But alot, I guess, do close theirs in winter… Silly we think.

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