Purchasing an Above Ground Pool

If you’re out there searching the ‘world wide web’ for an Above Ground pool, you may be getting a little confused. I’ve heard this from many people who have been shopping online for a pool. There are so many different types, packages, liners, ladders, pumps…so which one do you go with?

The different types of Pools. There are a few different types of Above Ground Pools that are out there in the market. They vary based on pool wall type, frame and height.  Our Reprieve pool would be considered our ‘starter’ pool.  This pool has a steel wall that is 48″ tall and an all steel frame.  The next pool we have is called the Vision.  This pool has a steel wall with an Aluminum Panel feature and is 52″ Tall.  This pool Also has a steel frame. Stepping up into our 54″ Tall pools would be the Opera and Morada.  Both pools have a 100% Aluminum wall with a part steel and part resin frame.  The resin top seats and caps give the pool a different look and also a longer life.  Our ‘top of the line’ pool is the Magnum.  This pool feature a 100% Aluminum Wall, and a 100% Resin Frame.  There is absolutely no steel on this pool.

So, you may be asking, well why would I want one pool over the other?  There are a few things you want to consider when purchasing a pool.  First thing: Are you going to bury the pool in the ground at all?  If you are looking to bury the pool, even just 8″ into the ground, it is best to go with a pool that has an aluminum wall. The Aluminum will last longer under ground than the steel wall.   If you are keeping your pool completely above ground, then you really can choose any type of pool!

The different types of Packages.  You’ll find all different types of packages out there on the internet.  Gold, Silver, Premium, Basic, Starter, Platinum…..So which one do you choose?  You really want to take a look at exactly what you are getting for each package.  Are you purchasing something you don’t really want or need?  At National,  Our packages start with the Pool, Liner, Skimmer and Pool Cove. The rest of the items can be added on, sort of like an ‘A la Carte’ menu. Each item added on has been discounted because you are adding them to a package.  This type of system really allows you to get exactly what you want for a pool package!


Questions?? We’re here to help! Give our sales team a call at 1-866-736-0732 or send us an email at: info@nationaldiscountpoolsupplies.com

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