Cleaning a Cartridge Filter – Pool or Spa

Cleaning a cartridge filter for your pool or spa is going to be done the same way.  How often you clean them is a little different. Spa’s you generally want to rinse off every 2-4 weekends depending on how much you use the hot tub.  The more you use it, the more you want to clean it.  You should use a chemical like Baqua Spa Filter Cleaner every 3-4 months (generally when you drain and refill the tub). I always recommend have two sets of filters for your spa.  When you are done cleaning your filters, they should be set aside to let dry.  The fibers inside the pleats fluff (we’re getting real technical here) back up and filter better than putting a wet filter you just cleaned back into the tub.  If your spa is getting a lot of use, its recommended to use the Baqua Spa Spray & Rinse filter cleaner to help break down anything that is built up in the filter.

For pools, you should be rinsing off the cartridge when the pressure of your tank raises 8-10 psi above starting pressure. It should be chemically cleaned at the end of the season. Pool Cartridge Filters tend to need replacement every other season to every season.  It all depends on the length of your season.  Here in Wisconsin, we can push it to every other year.

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