Swimming Pool & Spa Chemical Spotlight : Natural Chemistry

Today I’d like to post a short bit about a product line that we have carried for many years, but that you unfortunately may not heard of yet, and it is called Natural Chemistry. Natural Chemistry has a great line of pool chemicals and cleaning products that are all environmentally friendly and very safe to use.

One of my favorite products from them is called Clean & Perfect Clean & Perfect works GREAT on pool accessories, the top rails of your Above Ground Pool, your patio furniture, garbage containers, and my favorite part…..inside your home! {LOVE using this on my tile. Cleans so well and gets the grout looking brand new without any harsh chemicals!}  Clean & Perfect is made with natural enzymes and surfactants that are biodegradable. It is an extremely powerful all purpose cleaner that lives behind a fresh citrus scent.

Another product that all spa owners should be using is called Spa Purge.  This great product cleans where you cant : inside your spa lines.  Over time, calcium and other deposits and build up in the lines of your spa / hot tub which can in turn cause issues with the water, leaving it cloudy and unmanageable. Spa Purge should be used once a year during your cleaning and draining time.

New to Natural Chemistry? Our site has many other chemicals available for your Pool & Spa needs with more information on each chemical! Visit our site today and please call 1-866-736-0732 or email info@nationaldiscountpoolsupplies.com with ANY questions!

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