Swimming Pool & Spa Chemical Spotlight : Natural Chemistry

Today I’d like to post a short bit about a product line that we have carried for many years, but that you unfortunately may not heard of yet, and it is called Natural Chemistry. Natural Chemistry has a great line of pool chemicals and cleaning products that are all environmentally friendly and very safe to use.

One of my favorite products from them is called Clean & Perfect Clean & Perfect works GREAT on pool accessories, the top rails of your Above Ground Pool, your patio furniture, garbage containers, and my favorite part…..inside your home! {LOVE using this on my tile. Cleans so well and gets the grout looking brand new without any harsh chemicals!}  Clean & Perfect is made with natural enzymes and surfactants that are biodegradable. It is an extremely powerful all purpose cleaner that lives behind a fresh citrus scent.

Another product that all spa owners should be using is called Spa Purge.  This great product cleans where you cant : inside your spa lines.  Over time, calcium and other deposits and build up in the lines of your spa / hot tub which can in turn cause issues with the water, leaving it cloudy and unmanageable. Spa Purge should be used once a year during your cleaning and draining time.

New to Natural Chemistry? Our site has many other chemicals available for your Pool & Spa needs with more information on each chemical! Visit our site today and please call 1-866-736-0732 or email info@nationaldiscountpoolsupplies.com with ANY questions!

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How Many Hours Should I Run My Swimming Pool Pump?

Today’s blog post is going to be on one topic: How long you should be running your pool pump in the summer.

There are many variants when it comes to determining how many hours you should be running your pool pump if you want to get extremely technical. But when it really comes down to it, you should be running your pool pump 24-7. This is the same for both Above Ground Pools and In-Ground Pools.  The more you run your pool pump, the more circulation the water gets.  The more circulation the water gets, the less chance you have of having algae grow in your pool, and a less chance of getting cloudy pool water, which means less chemicals!

If you cannot run your pool pump 24 hours a day, what I would suggest doing is purchasing a timer from your local hardware store and putting it on your pump.  If you don’t do this, you will more than likely forget to turn the pump back on once its been turned off, and then you open yourself up to again, algae & cloudy water.  When using a timer, set your pool pump to run a minimum of 10 hours a day.

Questions?? No Problem! Give us a call at 1-866-736-0732 or send an email to: info@nationaldiscountpoolsupplies.com

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Happy Summer!

Okay so it’s not technically summer quite yet…. we’ve still got 22 days to go. But the sun is shining and it’s a nice 70 degrees here in Wisconsin and we couldn’t be happier!

To start your summer out right, I want to introduce you to two new products we are carrying here at NDPS!

Strahl Beverageware

So you’ve all seen the typical acrylic cups that last you maybe a year or two.  They break (you know, we’ve all got that friend that seems to not be able to keep a hold of anything), they crack and are no good anymore. They may be super inexpensive to buy, but if you have to replace them, what are you really saving? That brings me to Strahl.  When I had first seen them at a trade show, I had glanced at them and thought they were glass, and had almost passed them up. But as I started reading their signs I realized they weren’t glass, they were a poly carbonate that is virtually unbreakable.  Yes, you read that right, UNBREAKABLE!  They are even dishwasher safe! {It’s OK, my jaw dropped to the floor as well} Yes, virtually unbreakable, dishwasher safe, frosting pilners and beer mugs that have the look and feel of glass!  We have tumblers, pislners, mugs, margarita, Wine and many other styles available! See them here: http://www.nationaldiscountpoolsupplies.com/strahl-unbreakable-beverageware.html


Yep, the name says it all.  It is a Portable Pong Table.  Beer Pong to be specific.  Beer Pong has been played by many college students, tailgaters, and party-ers {Party-ers? Party People? Party Animals? You get the point…}across the nation. Now you can play this fun game of Beer Pong in your pool, lake, river anywhere you go! These PortOPong portable, inflatable and floating beer pong tables come with 4 pieces of rope that can hook onto grommets on the table to secure it so it won’t move around.  We have them available in two different styles: Classic Blue and All American.  Check them out here: http://www.nationaldiscountpoolsupplies.com/port-o-pong-inflatable-beer-pong.html

We have many new products coming in still and I will be sure to keep you all updated with whatever cool item comes in next!


Don’t forget – we have a helpful staff ready to take your calls and reply to your emails Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm CST.

Email: info@nationaldiscountpoolsupplies.com

Phone: 1-866-736-0732


PortOPong2 strahlpoolside

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Brrrrr it’s cold out there!

The title says it all.  Here in Wisconsin we are at the end of this incredibly cold weather we are experiencing.  It’s so cold even people in Siberia are having sympathy for us! Upon waking up yesterday I took a look at my phone to check the temperature and what did it read?! NEGATIVE FIFTEEN! Yes, -15*.

So why am I talking about the cold weather we are having? Well, it gave us some time, although somewhat forced time, to sit and strategize for what is to come in 2014 for National Discount Pool Supplies. And let me just say, I am SO excited. New products, new promotions and MORE! 

So while this post may be short, its filled with A LOT of exciting things to come for you. Please stay tuned for more blog posts from us!


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Going Green with your swimming pool : Earth Day 2013

Today, Monday April 22nd, is Earth Day.  What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to give you tips on “going green” with your swimming pool!

  • Switch to a variable speed pump.  Variable speed pumps (aka dual speed or 2-speed pumps) are able to run on a high and low setting.  Switching your pump to a low speed give you a longer, slower, and  more energy efficient pump.
  • Cover your pool when it is not being used. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates a pool cover alone can save 50 to 70 percent in heating costs. Adding a solar cover to your pool with save you $$ when trying to keep heat in your pool!
  • Switch your cleaner to an eco-friendly one. Natural Chemistry’s Clean & Perfect is a blend of all natural enzymes and citrus based degreasers for effective cleaning of indoor and outdoor living areas.  It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  This cleaner can be used on pool floats, ladders, covers, patio furniture and MORE! (I even use it for cleaning my bathroom & kitchen – I LOVE it! And it smells great too!)
  • Use a chemical sanitizing system that does not contain hazardous materials. Going with a chemical system such as Pristine Blue, gives you crystal clear water without the harsh effects of Chlorine.  The formula used to make Pristine Blue is EPA registered in ever state and is certified to NSF/ANSI standard 60 as a drinking water additive. In simple terms, if it can be used in drinking water, imagine how safe it is to be used in your pool!

Questions? Send me an email : maggie@nationaldiscountpoolsupplies, or give us a call at 1-866-736-0732

Hope these tips help make your backyard oasis a little more energy efficient & environmentally friendly!

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Back to Blogging!

Its snowing here today in Wisconsin and we couldn’t be more ready for spring and summer! We’ve been away lately from blogging doing all of our planning for our 2013 pool season and If you haven’t noticed… our BRAND NEW website design! We are extremely happy with how it turned out and believe it is now much more user friendly.

I feel as though I have quite an array of topics I’ve covered here on this blog for both swimming pools and spas. So, what I would like to do is open up a line to hear topics you’d like to know more about. Algae, pools, swimming, safety, cleaning, ANYTHING!

Please send them to: maggie@nationaldiscountpoolsupplies.com or simply leave a reply here!!

**Think spring!**


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Cleaning a Cartridge Filter – Pool or Spa

Cleaning a cartridge filter for your pool or spa is going to be done the same way.  How often you clean them is a little different. Spa’s you generally want to rinse off every 2-4 weekends depending on how much you use the hot tub.  The more you use it, the more you want to clean it.  You should use a chemical like Baqua Spa Filter Cleaner every 3-4 months (generally when you drain and refill the tub). I always recommend have two sets of filters for your spa.  When you are done cleaning your filters, they should be set aside to let dry.  The fibers inside the pleats fluff (we’re getting real technical here) back up and filter better than putting a wet filter you just cleaned back into the tub.  If your spa is getting a lot of use, its recommended to use the Baqua Spa Spray & Rinse filter cleaner to help break down anything that is built up in the filter.

For pools, you should be rinsing off the cartridge when the pressure of your tank raises 8-10 psi above starting pressure. It should be chemically cleaned at the end of the season. Pool Cartridge Filters tend to need replacement every other season to every season.  It all depends on the length of your season.  Here in Wisconsin, we can push it to every other year.

Questions? Send us an email at : info@nationaldiscountpoolsupplies.com

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Which Winter Pool Cover is best?

As fall and winter approach, the main question we are asked at National is which winter cover is best to use on an above ground or in ground pool.

Tarp vs. Safety We have two main different types of winter pool covers. Regular “tarp-style” covers and safety covers.  The tarp style covers hold on to the pool via a cable or water bags depending on if you have an in ground or an above ground pool.  The Safety Covers  attach to your pool by anchors. These anchors are screwed into your wood or concrete deck and the cover is stretched across the pool. Safety covers can be used on Inground or Above Ground swimming pools.  On above ground pools, you simply need to have a deck surrounding the entire pool.


Solid vs. Mesh  I wouldn’t say that one is necessarily “better” than the other. They are going to work in different ways.  While the solid cover may keep your pool cleaner over the fall/winter, the mesh allows the water to go through the cover.  This alleviates weight pulling on the cover and the need for you to siphon or pump water off of the top of your cover in the fall and spring.


Whichever winter pool cover you choose to go with, you want to make sure you are adding the right closing chemicals for the pool.  We carry closing kits for Chlorine pools and Baquacil pools take your regular season chemicals. We also have a large selection of winter accessories for your pool that can help make closing your pool easier!

Questions?? Email us at info@nationaldiscountpoolsupplies.com ! Thanks for reading!

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Purchasing an Above Ground Pool

If you’re out there searching the ‘world wide web’ for an Above Ground pool, you may be getting a little confused. I’ve heard this from many people who have been shopping online for a pool. There are so many different types, packages, liners, ladders, pumps…so which one do you go with?

The different types of Pools. There are a few different types of Above Ground Pools that are out there in the market. They vary based on pool wall type, frame and height.  Our Reprieve pool would be considered our ‘starter’ pool.  This pool has a steel wall that is 48″ tall and an all steel frame.  The next pool we have is called the Vision.  This pool has a steel wall with an Aluminum Panel feature and is 52″ Tall.  This pool Also has a steel frame. Stepping up into our 54″ Tall pools would be the Opera and Morada.  Both pools have a 100% Aluminum wall with a part steel and part resin frame.  The resin top seats and caps give the pool a different look and also a longer life.  Our ‘top of the line’ pool is the Magnum.  This pool feature a 100% Aluminum Wall, and a 100% Resin Frame.  There is absolutely no steel on this pool.

So, you may be asking, well why would I want one pool over the other?  There are a few things you want to consider when purchasing a pool.  First thing: Are you going to bury the pool in the ground at all?  If you are looking to bury the pool, even just 8″ into the ground, it is best to go with a pool that has an aluminum wall. The Aluminum will last longer under ground than the steel wall.   If you are keeping your pool completely above ground, then you really can choose any type of pool!

The different types of Packages.  You’ll find all different types of packages out there on the internet.  Gold, Silver, Premium, Basic, Starter, Platinum…..So which one do you choose?  You really want to take a look at exactly what you are getting for each package.  Are you purchasing something you don’t really want or need?  At National,  Our packages start with the Pool, Liner, Skimmer and Pool Cove. The rest of the items can be added on, sort of like an ‘A la Carte’ menu. Each item added on has been discounted because you are adding them to a package.  This type of system really allows you to get exactly what you want for a pool package!


Questions?? We’re here to help! Give our sales team a call at 1-866-736-0732 or send us an email at: info@nationaldiscountpoolsupplies.com

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Starting up your Spa for Spring

Its starting to get a little nicer outside (yes, even here in WI) and some are starting to think about what they need to do to get their spa ready for spring. 

Lets start with the water. Spa water should be drained every 3-4 months. After a few months, your water can no longer take any more chemical. Almost like if you were stirring packets of sugar into a glass of water.  After a while, the water cannot dissolve any more sugar so the sugar sits at the bottom of the glass. This can result in cloudy water and a not so pleasant smell.  A great product to use for draining is Spa Purge or Swirl Away.  These chemicals act like a drain-o for your spa, removing build up (usually calcium build up) from the plumbing in your spa.

How is your spa cover looking? Spa covers play a major part in the efficiency of your spa. (And the cost of your spa!)  Did you see any steam coming out of under the cover at all during the cold months?  It’s probably time to replace your cover. The approximate life of a spa cover is every 3-5 years. After the spa cover gets heavy, or has a “smell” it is also probably time to replace your spa cover. If your spa cover is good shape, make sure you clean the cover with specially formulated cover cleaner and add a little cover protect to lengthen the life of your cover.  NEVER use household type cleaners on your spa cover. Products like armor-all can actually dry out the cover.

Have a waterline around your spa? Most spas get some type of waterline built up where the water was before you drained.  You always want to clean out your spa before you re-fill for the spring. We have an awesome product (yes, I have used it on my spa!) called the H20 Cleaning Wand. This handy little product hooks up to your garden hose to let a little bit of water onto the sponge as you are cleaning. The H20 Cleaning wand along with some Baqua Spa Surface Cleaner (can be used on any spa) makes cleaning the shell of your spa easy! And again, the same as the spa cover, never use any household products on the surface of your spa.  They can be drying and damaging to your spa.

And last, but definately not least, your spa / hot tub filters.  Clean them? Soak Them? Spray Them? Yes! All three! Spa Filters should be soaked in a spa filter cleaner for a few hours before they are rinsed out. Try using the great easy clean to clean out the filter after it soaks.  This handy little device creates a long, flat, pressurized spray from your garden hose to get all of the build up out.  Please, never bring your spa filters to the car wash and use the pressure hose there. That much pressure breaks down the fibers in your filter, decreasing the amount of filtering in your spa. Now, after you are done cleaning your filter, you should allow the filters to dry before you put them back in your spa.  The fibers in the filter basically ‘fluff back up’ giving you a better filter in your spa. The best thing you can do is have two sets of spa filters.  Putting the ones you cleaned last time you drained your spa back in and letting the ones you just took out sit on the shelf and restore back to its original fiber shape. Spa filters should be cleaned with a filter cleaner every 3-4 months and replaced after 12 months of use. You can also spray the cartridges with Spray Filter cleaner in-between normal cleanings after heavy use of the spa.

Now that you have all of your cleaning done, (Phew!) it’s time to refill your spa. Make sure you always fill your spa from where the filters are to avoid an air-lock in the pump of your spa.

It’s finally time to relax and enjoy……

Questions?? Call us Toll Free 1-866-736-0732 or visit our site http://www.e-pool-store.com

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